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An Interesting New Website

We encourage congregations of Christians to worship with vocal music only, just like the early church did. The New Testament church, when under the guidance of the inspired apostles, sang psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, making melody in their hearts, but they did not use instruments.

Those are the opening words from the title page of For A Cappella, a new website dedicated solely to teaching folks about the New Testament’s command to sing without the instrument.

The site is still very new and does not contain a large amount of material yet, but this could be a good thing. Sometimes, when visiting a site, the amount of available material can be overwhelming. Seeing this site in its “infancy” may help people get more out of it.

Take time to visit

A special thanks to Phil Sanders for posting a short article recommending this new site. He often writes about instrumental music on his blog, so, if you are interested in that subject, his would be a good site to add to your favorites.

Videos about Creation Museum

The following news stories will show you some of what is inside the Creation Museum in Kentucky, and you can see the founder and co-founder.

The Week before Maywood

MAYWOOD CHRISTIAN CAMP is the result of prayers, dreams and numberless hours of works of love. In 1963, Howard Mays, at that time a Deacon but later an Elder of the Hamilton, AL congregation until his departure to a “better Campground” in May, 1979, offered to Jerry Jenkins, the preacher, 40 acres to develop as a youth camp. A general invitational meeting was called, with a large group coming from many places. A Board of Trustees was tentatively selected, work plans drawn up, and a large donation of cash and materials made. The first “work day” saw nearly 100 people in the woods. under the leadership and inspiration of Jerry Jenkins, E.R. Bruce, and L.L. Moore, ground was cleared, roads built, a ball field appeared, then buildings began to rise up. There were many hours of work donated by the Marion County Supervisor, Mr. Rich, and his men.

The first session was held in 1965. A most wonderful 3 weeks were enjoyed by and
attendance of about 50 campers and staff per week, under the direction of E.R. Bruce. Brother Bruce passed away in 1993. In 1966, the 5 sessions averaged about 70 per week. It has grown each year as more and more people, both young and old, have come to appreciate the influence of MAYWOOD CHRISTIAN CAMP in their lives.

Campers and staff have come from the far corners of our country, as far away as California. Some have attended at least one week each summer since its beginning, or from the very earliest age they could attend. Numbers have obeyed the Gospel, learned to pray, preach, know what real Christian association is, and even found a lifetime companion among the fellow campers. Many have been encouraged to attend Christian colleges because of the influence of counselors from these schools. A much deeper realization of what it means to really worship God has been the result of the nightly devotional under the stars, standing in the “very center of God’s creation — in our own Garden of Eden”.

The young people from 9th Avenue (and other congregations) will go to Maywood Christian Camp beginning Sunday. Many hours of preparation have already gone in to making this year wonderful for our young people, and many more hours will be put in this week.

I know that several young people in our youth group read this blog, and I wanted to take this opportunity to remind them of Maywood. It’s going to be a great week of Bible classes, singing, crafts, swimming, fun…and Terry Gillim!

Young people, if you have not made up your mind to attend Maywood this year, there are still several spots available for our session. Visit the Maywood website (listed below) and print out an application. If you have decided to attend, I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

It’s going to be a great year! See you Sunday in Hamilton.

Maywood Christian Camp website

Creation Museum Opens

Recently, we ran a short article about the opening of the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Yesterday was the big day, and the museum opened with great reviews and great protests. As you can imagine, the protests continue today as media outlets tell their version of the grand opening.

In all, over 4000 people attended the opening yesterday. Some were amazed and happy by what they saw, while others thought the displays were an outrage. Many others gathered across the street to protest the museum.

As you can guess, I think this museum is a great thing. It is needed and will help teach many people. It will also be a good thing if it causes people to debate the historical accuracy of the Bible in an open way. I hope to be able to visit the museum sometime. I think, besides being a great faith-builder, it would be intellectually stimulating.

Here are a couple of selected press releases that discuss the museum from both a positive and negative perspective:

ITV (from United Kingdom): Science Ignored at Creation Museum

Associated Press (as published on San Fransisco Gate): Ky. Creation Museum Opens to Thousands

Just for a Moment

Tomorrow, our nation will remember. Memorial Day is a time of reflection and remembrance. For those who have lost loved ones in battle, it is a very important day. For those, like me, who have had family members fight for our freedoms, it is still a day of reflection, even if our family members were lucky enough to survive death in battle.

As with so many other things, though, there are dozens of distractions on Memorial Day. Major League Baseball plays many games throughout the day and makes sure many are on TV. The NCAA always hosts the men’s lacrosse national championship on Memorial Day. Others take time to shop, fish and cook out with family.

While none of these things is bad, we don’t need to fill our day with so much that we fail to remember.

And how often are we reminded of much the same thing when we worship; especially in the eating of the Lord’s Supper. Brother Steve Sanders has written a excellent, albeit brief, article making this comparison. Please take a moment to read it by clicking here.

Enjoy the holiday. Rest, relax and visit with or talk to family. But don’t forget the reason for Memorial Day. Take a few moments and remember. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll be thankful for our nation.

One More Week

Next Friday, June 1, will be the launch date for the new financial blog for Christians, “Where Your Treasure Is.” The four writers: Wes Hazel, James Dalton, Joey Sparks and I are all looking forward to a successful launch.

We hope this blog will be of some help to you. We all struggle with money in one way or another, and we sincerely pray that this effort will help us all come closer to the Biblical way of using our monies and possessions.

If you have not done so yet, please bookmark the site, Where Your Treasure Is.


  • If you are a member of Technorati, there is a link on the blog for you to add Where Your Treasure Is to your favorites.
  • If you have not done so, please pass along word about the blog through emails or word-of-mouth.
  • Check out the article Joey Sparks wrote on his blog about the launch.
  • Go to the blog and click on “subscribe to: posts (atom)” to get updates about articles as they are added.
  • Most importantly, pray for this effort. We certainly are.

We hope to see you in one week on Where Your Treasure Is!